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Steps to Conduct In-Depth Research for Your Annotated Bibliography Paper

A bibliography called an annotated bibliography is the process of enlisting citations, books, articles, and other sources used for reference in the essay or research. These citations are then followed by a descriptive paragraph of approximately 150-word count called an annotation. Each provided source reference is followed by an annotation that is descriptive, analytical, and critical. An annotated bibliography is not like an abstract because it involves description along with critique and analysis of the source. The basic aim of an annotated bibliography is to help the reader to acquire knowledge of the sources so that the reader gets a better idea of whether the provided source is useful for the readers’ research or what aspects of the source’s research can be used. One option that you can avail of is the hiring of an academic essay writer service that often provides such services to students and plays an important role in acquiring good grades.

There are certain steps involved in writing a proper annotated bibliography. These steps involve the selection of a topic, an overview of the topic, selection of what to include and what to not, annotation write up, and presenting the annotated bibliography in chronological order. These are a few of the steps for writing an effective annotated bibliography. Sometimes it can be difficult to write an essay and, in such cases, you can always hire an essay writing service to assist you in your task. It would save you from a lot of hassles and you can get a perfect essay written by a professional essay writer.

The very first step involved in the writing of an annotated bibliography is the proper selection of the topic. For this purpose, you should question yourself about what you can work on. You should select a topic that you can better handle and find yourself competent enough to have a proper understanding of the topic. You should not select a topic about which you are unaware because a lack of knowledge hinders the way of researching further. Picking the topic according to one's interest can help to research easily. Therefore, the proper selection of the topic is a fundamental step in writing an annotated bibliography.

Further, the second step involves an overview of the topic. It further demands the selection of those sources that comprehensively cover the topic chosen for research. Those sources should be chosen by the researcher that is directly related to the research. Careful examination should be made of the sources required for the topic being researched. If a source that is not related to the topic is directly chosen, it will create difficulties in carrying out research for the topic that is to be probed. However, if you are busy enough and find yourself unable to research your topic, you can ask an essay writing service to provide their services to you for writing effectively. Also, this step involves the narrowing down of the topic. Getting a specific topic will help you locate desired sources for the topic.

The third step involved in writing an annotated bibliography for the research paper is to filter out what aspects and things should be included and what materials should be excluded. This step involves further questioning whether required material is collected from the located sources. What to include, why to include are some of the questions that a researcher must ask in order to locate the best sources for writing an annotated bibliography.

The next step involves writing an annotated bibliography with a detailed evaluation of the sources used for research. This must include the validity of the author and the background of the author. It also involves a commentary on the author's work for the usefulness of further research. Besides this, an annotated bibliography must also include a comparison and contrast of the located source with the other research work. Most students find it difficult to compare and contrast the research; so, in this case, you may ask an essay writer to write comprehensive annotated bibliography for you. Moreover, an annotated bibliography must include how research carried out by the researcher will help to further enlighten the research under consideration. More specifically, an annotated bibliography must include the relevance of the cited work with the research undertaken and with the other similar research taken under the banner of the same topic.

An annotated bibliography must include the scope of the work and a description of the source format, and content of the cited source. Besides this, a researcher's authority and credibility must also be taken into account. Furthermore, an annotated bibliography should also include critical comments on the source used. However, critical comments do not include negative aspects of the research work undertaken in the cited work, rather they consist of the detailed description. Appreciation, weaknesses, the relevance of the research with other studies, etc. are all counted in the category of the critical commentary of the cited work.

However, instead of a critical annotated bibliography, there can be only descriptive annotated bibliography. Descriptive annotated bibliography only focuses on describing the methodology being involved in the research. Further, it includes the findings of the research and the results of the research drawn by the researcher. Instead of critical commentary of the cited work, a descriptive annotated bibliography focuses on delineating only the author's credentials, methodology of the research, findings, and results of the research.

However, if you find it difficult to write a comprehensive description of the cited sources, you can ask someone, “write my essay”. By doing so, you will get a well written annotated bibliography. Therefore, it can be said that descriptive and critical descriptions of the cited sources can best deliver the idea and main theme of the research studies about the specific topic in the form of an annotated bibliography.

In the end, all annotated bibliographic sources are arranged in chronological order. A logic-based order must be ensured while arranging an annotated bibliography. This logical arrangement can be carried out either from general to specific or from specific to general. Also, arrangements can be made in terms of old research and new and recent research. Moreover, instead of these two arrangements, an annotated bibliography can be made based on the quality of the research. Best research work can be enlisted before the other ones.

The best research work can come at the top and the worst work can be enlisted in the end. Proper arrangement of the annotated bibliography is the most important factor while writing an annotated bibliography because the order of cited work can best deliver an idea about the research regarding a specific topic. Thus, an annotated bibliography must be arranged in a specific order.

To conclude, an annotated bibliography involves a series of steps. Each step must be taken into consideration for writing an effective annotated bibliography. A few steps that are involved in the writing of an annotated bibliography include selection of topic, an overview of the topic, selection of what to include and what to not, annotation write up, and chronological order of the annotated bibliography.

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