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Pop Up Gallery 1

Freya Frahm Haus

Cultural Events Center

Laboe, Germany

Freya Frahm

The Freya Frahm House is located in Laboe, Germany.  Built in 1896 with a view over the Kiel Fjord, it is one of the oldest houses on the promenade.  


The village of Laboe owes the Freya Frahm House "treasure“ to its benefactor, Ms. Freya Frahm who, through her 2010 donation, created a "House of Encounter" (a cultural meeting and events center).   It was her will to preserve the historic appearance and atmosphere of  this esteemed location for the citizens of Laboe.


In December 2012, the "Freya-Frahm-Haus e.V. Association" was founded to support the community's courageous decision to make the Freya Frahm Haus a meeting place for cultural and artistic life.  Then, in 2014, the Haus was carefully renovated by the Laboe community to honor Freya Frahm's wishes that her family house belong to the community and, through community events, a meeting space for all generations that would "fill the house with life" and lead it with fresh wind into the future.  

The Kathryn Heard-Craig mission is similar to the mission of the Freya Frahm Haus, lending itself to a perfect partnership for this shared pop up gallery event.  












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