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Volunteer Benefits

The gift of your time is always appreciated so as a volunteer to the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts, you'll enjoy these benefits:

1) Flexible Schedules (we work around your schedule and will always find a way for you to give back in the context of your busy life).
2) Remote Work (we have researching job that can be done at home for busy parents).
3) Free Garden/Carriage House rentals for large donations of time.
4) Company Recognition (on community-facing plaques or website)
5) Green Cord Hours, Letters of Recommendation for College,
Resume addition, and more. 

Contact Lynn,
Volunteer Coordinator, at

Top Golf Here to Paint Parking Stripes_June 2022.jpg
thumbnail_IMG_1878_Abby_Truc_and Lynn.jpg
thumbnail_Chris Table 2.jpg

 Chris A. & Family
Over 700 Hours

Volunteers from the LifeChurch who dug out the West gardens_Sept 2022.jpg

LifeChurch Volunteers

thumbnail_IMG_9011_Colored Pencil Drive_200 hours_Arya Kutuva_August 2023.jpg

Arya Kutuva 200 Hours

Top Golf company
Garden Raised Beds_May 2022.jpg
Photo Volunteers and porch clean up_June 2022.jpg
Volunteers for the Clean up_Novmber 2022.jpeg
Clean Up volunteer_November 2022.jpg
Lions Club volunteers at Heard-Craig Center 2023.jpg


Lions Heart Club

Sharline Drew and Lex.jpg

Ladies Lions Heart Club


NCL at Heard Craig Center.png

National Charity
League (NCL)

IMG_9780_Painted parking lot stripes and the stripes on the steps_March 2024.jpeg
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