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The McKinney Triangle

You might never want to wander into the Bermuda Triangle but we encourage you to come out and wander into our McKinney triangle - - a shared collaboration of the Collin County History Museum, Chestnut Square Village, and the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts. Forming a "triangle" through the Mckinney downtown square, these historically significant sites have ramped up their game and offer FREE, MONTHLY, FAMILY PROGRAMS for their Heritage Alliance members. The free family programs include the Ice Cream Crank Off, Holiday celebrations and sneak peeks, and tours, lectures, and rides. The venues have also joined the downtown Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the Convention and Visitors Bureau. For more information on how you can become a Heritage Alliance family and spend your time wandering through the McKinney triangle, contact any one of our organizations. Chestnut Square 972-562-8790, History Museum at 972-542-9457, or the Heard-Craig at 972-569-6909.

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