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Heard-Craig Woodworking Extravaganza

In May, 2016, the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts crafted its first Woodworking Extravaganza. The Extravaganza featured local wood artisans Don Chesser (wood ornaments), J.B. Phipps (Bowls), Paul Benson (custom woodwork), Virgil Bodensteiner (crosses, ornaments), JoAnn Wigg (scrollwork), Lars Ray (old world woodworking), Gene Dunham (Toys), Bill Morgan (Celina Woodcarving), Tim Riggs (Model Ships), William Sterchak (decoys, shorebirds, signage), Gail McLaughlin (sculptures), Neal Ator (Santa carvings), Magda Dia (Education), Wayne Batchelder (Sticks/Pottery), Howard Graham (Santas and Caricatures), and Jeni & Charlie Tomlinson (furniture). All of these artisans sell their work and can be reached through the Heard-Craig Center. Call us for more information or to see more photographs of individual artisan work. 972-569-6909.

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