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Virtual Vintage Piano Hour

In 2020, Musician Tony Stride graced the rooms of the Heard-Craig Center, playing 1920s music to celebrate a simpler, less complex time. This year, he has geared up for a virtual Valentine's Day extravaganza on Sunday, February 14, 2021 from 3-4:00 PM. Tony will be coming to us LIVE FROM HIS STUDIO, playing many different pianos and sharing his music technology - - sure to be a big hit with the kiddos. As always, it will be a great show.

Tickets are available on the Heard-Craig website ( for 2 different options: In-person tickets provide attendees with music/studio viewing with food and drink. Virtual tickets cover the music/studio viewing only.

For questions about the Music performance, contact the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts at 972-569-6909. We would be most happy if you could join us!

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Margot Robin
Margot Robin

 The entrancing tunes and emotional atmosphere of the Virtual Vintage Piano Hour took me back in time. I could practically see myself enjoying the soft sounds of an antique piano while relaxing in a charming parlor. It's amazing how technology lets us experience these kinds of priceless moments from the past again. Bravo to the planners for putting together an event that was so distinctive and engrossing. This was a great method for me to relax and get ideas as a student balancing a lot of work, including online dissertation writing.


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