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One Hundred and Fifty-Four Year Philanthropic Legacy

The historic Heard-Craig Center was built in 1900 by Stephen and Lillian Heard. Their daughter, Kathryn, through her philanthropy, gifted the Center to over 20 groups that have helped McKinney in many ways: raising money to build new buildings (e.g. the first Library), donating to the needy, providing scholarships, spearheading community improvements, etc.  The Heard-Craig Center shares the Kathryn Heard-Craig and the Thomas E. Craig collections with the public. The Center holds the designation as the first ART MUSEUM in the City of McKinney and highlights of the art collection are listed below:

1. Frank Klepper Art

2. Guy Wiggins Art

3. Thomas Stell Art

4. Hand-painted china

5. Glassware (Brilliance)

6. Lou Ray Pottery 1921

7. Victorian Furniture

8. Porcelain 

9. Asian Art & Artifacts

10. Textile Collection (Neiman Marcus Couture)

In addition, there is an extensive amount of original fretwork and hand-tooled woodwork throughout the historic museum. 


Contact the staff to schedule a private tour.  The tour takes about an hour and includes tea & desserts ($10).  



“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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