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An international gallery SCHŐN EVERYWHERE


In 2018, The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts formed a partnership with the Freya Frahm Haus (Laboe, Germany) for an international gallery exchange. Set to the theme, "Colors of the Wind", the 2018 gallery exchange featured U.S. artists who exhibited their work for a month in Germany (Noriko DeWitt, Lynne Hubner, Teri Thoman, Jeni Tomlinson, Angel Moran, Carol Kovacs, Cassidy Martin,Jeff Parrott, Kim Guthrie, Karen Zupanic, Dora Pang, and Collin College's Brenda McKinney). Then during September, the gallery exchange featured German artists' paintings in the Heard-Craig Carriage House (Christian Dworak, Elisabeth Holzhausen, Angela Kaiser, Monika Kromer, Jutta Muller, Monika Rathlev, Astrid Kromer, Christa Heller, Hanna Gajare, Doris Kaffke, Johanna Sayk, Bernd Graap, Karen Kieback, Kay Prinz, Elisabeth Prantl, Helga Aulitzky, and Susann Nothdurft). Karina, here from Germany for the event, provided a partnership welcome and read a thank you letter during the SCHŐN EVERYWHERE kick off reception. The culmination of the gallery exchange is a showing of the U.S. artist's work in McKinney, TX during the month of October. for more information or to ask questions about the 2019 theme, contact the Heard-Craig at 972-569-6909.

Many local organizations are thanked for their monetary and in-kind support of this gallery exchange:

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