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I Did Not Expect This To Happen

I did not expect this to happen......

Walking up to the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts, an extravagant, yellow, and picturesque mansion appears. The beautiful garden with all of the flowers and plants surround the museum with great numbers. Nothing, however, is more beautiful than the inside.

Directly inside, art lines the walls. Stained glass windows are scattered throughout. Design explodes with charm and history. Everything is laid out to look exactly like a typical house here in McKinney. A working kitchen, a parlor used for teas and other events, and many bedrooms fill this lovely Center. There are many remarkable artifacts filling the gorgeous museum. Bedrooms with beds and dressers, bookshelves filled with early edition and rare books, and even a built-in china cabinet filled with hand-designed and hand-painted china. Paintings from Kathryn Heard-Craig are some of the standouts in this house. One of her paintings that she did at the age of 7 is probably the best painting I've ever seen.

Although the outside of the museum appeared to be an average McKinney house, I did not expect the inside to be so remarkably beautiful. I would encourage everyone to come and visit it as the landmark building embodies the historical nature of McKinney and it shares over 100 years of art from McKinney.

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