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Still Gracing Texas, Denver, and Kansas City

Throughout the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts in downtown McKinney, stained glass is scattered everywhere. The stained glass has different colors, different shapes, and different dimensions.

Each piece of stained glass has a different story, memory, and significance to the house as well as to the Heard-Craig family. For instance, the main piece of glass that graces the grand stairwell is now used as the company logo, signifying its grandeur to the house and its grandeur to the organization shaping so much of McKinney’s philanthropy. The stained glass in the staircase is a beautiful design, containing different shades of red, green, Tiffany blue, and yellow. A unique border surrounds the exquisite center of this piece.

Similarly, upstairs, there are spectacular pieces of stained glass which contain paintbrushes as the focal point. These pieces grace the Art Room where Kathryn Heard created her astonishing art pieces (watercolor, pastels, china painting, sculpture)

All of the stained glass was done by the Kansas City Stained Glass Company, a branch of the Scottish Stained Glass Company. Scottish Stained Glass is all over the state of Texas. The company’s stained glass is also in Denver and Kansas City.

The Heard-Craig Center welcomes visitors to come by for a tour of the stained glass (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 PM or by appointment). The Center is located at 205 W Hunt Street, McKinney, TX 75069. 972-569-6909

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