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Things To Do with a Family Heirloom Piece

Heirloom pieces are passed down from generation to generation and sometimes they might not appear to be the prettiest thing in the world. However, according to Malika Roberts, Interior Designer and former President of the North Texas Porcelain Guild, there is always some way to display the piece and have it look beautiful. For instance, an heirloom piece might be a clock, handcrafted by someone in the family or bought near the turn of the century. Clocks are an easy piece to make elegant and gorgeous. You can have it above a mantle and then underneath it, hang a shelf with family pictures. The pictures can be old family photos to continue the heirloom theme or they can be current photos that provide a contemporary flair to the heirloom piece.

Many grandmothers love to pass down quilts and these can be a colorful addition to a wall, to your guest room or the living room. Laying a quilt across the bottom of the bed or the back of a couch can create a pop of color to give a personality to the furniture. Folding the quilts in a new way can showcase the back of the quilt which will have very detailed stitches and craftsmanship.

Last, old dishes with floral patterns can be sandwiched inside of a basket or hung in a grouping on the wall to create a cottage vibe. The dishes can also be combined with plain white farmhouse dishes to create interesting centerpieces. And, of course, if one heirloom piece is all you need for display and you don’t want the rest, you can donate the rest to a museum or venue and get some welcome tax benefits. For more information on how you can donate pieces to the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts, contact us at 972-569-6909.

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