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McKinney Art Review - What the Art Club Kick Off tells us about this year's collections

Yesterday was the 2019-2020 kick off session for the Art Club of McKinney, an organization originally formed over a hundred years ago in this small but ever-growing Texas hub.

I am struck by the cache of talented artists, their work, but most notably, the camaraderie and the way in which they all shared their techniques, their products, their tools, and their lessons learned.

Here’s a synopsis:

Landscapes were quite prevalent, with quintessential lakes, barns, and animals. For a local collector, it was a good day.

Then there were the contemporary artists with beautiful paintings in alcohol ink (think Mercedes Via) followed by the eternally beautiful work of artists Helen Bailey and Jeni Tomlinson.

New techniques abounded from artists Nancy Alexander, Linda Kingsley, and Darby LaGrave. And just as interesting were the artists who painted with coffee (as a result of the 2018 Coffee Painting Workshop held by the Art Club) on glass (Toni Andrukaitis), gold on linen panel (Angel Moran), or fiber (Carolyn Skei and Lynn Weinberger).

The world of art cradles similarities and bridges differences. This year’s early McKinney collections showcase the entire spectrum, giving collectors much to see and buy. For more information on purchasing local art, contact the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts (downtown McKinney) at 972-569-6909, stop by to view current works on display, or request local gallery information.

Helen Bailey Artwork

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