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A Square Round?

The Six Dowell, The Blueprint, and The Square Round, are three of Artist Don Chesser's favorite custom ornament styles. A wood turner who makes beautiful vases, bowls, and sculptures, Don's gift to the woodworking community is his talent for making intricate icicle ornaments (#customwoodworking).

In addition to the usual drill bits and brass tubes, Don's Artisan supply box contains a skew, pen bushings, and a drill press to make "sleds" - - not the type you ride on in the snow, but a sled that allows a woodworker to cut with precise perfection.

Chesser, a master craftsman, has had his work outlined in WOODCRAFT magazine and in an illustrated guide in The Guild of New Hampshire, S Magazine. Today, his woodworking secrets are shared in his book, "Wood Turned Ornaments - A New Look" which can be purchased through the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts in downtown McKinney.

A book for novices as well as skilled woodworkers, "Wood Turned Ornaments" ($20) is the easiest way for the public to procure the secrets to making Icicle Finials, a Six Dowell, a Blueprint ornament, or a Square Round. Swing by the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts at 205 W. Hunt Street, McKinney, TX, 75069 and we'll share the amazing work of artisan Don Chesser.

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