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Chlorides, Saggar, Obvara, and Crackle

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The Palos Verdes Art Center in California believes “in the power of art to ignite the imagination and be an agent for change.” So it’s no wonder that Artist Magda Dia (who gained her pottery expertise from the Palos Verdes Art Center) uses a similar art mantra at her Jump Into Art Studios. Her motto, “everyone is an artist” has been her beacon and if you have had the opportunity to attend one of her workshops, you have likely discovered several hidden talents.

Magda started her career in pottery and ceramics when she and her daughter, Madison began attending Monday night pottery classes at the Art Center. They were hooked. Shortly thereafter, they started looking for a vibrant pottery community in which to operate and North Dallas fit the bill. Dia convinced her family to move to McKinney. It wasn’t long before the whole gang “jumped in” with art.

Today, as Director of the Jump Into Art Studios, she overseas 50 classes, workshops and camps and over a dozen artist/educators making Jump Into Art the largest art school in McKinney, Texas. Located in a new 4,400 square foot studio at the corner of Church and Lamar Streets, Jump Into Art is open to the public for a variety of classes such as, “Creating an Edible Birdhouse”, “Soap Making”, “Pottery”, and more.

Dia loves being a part of something bigger than herself and will be the first to admit that she is still learning after 15 years of perfecting her craft. She is enthusiastic about getting art into the hands of the masses and so her summer “art in a box” options have been a blessing during the last few months of “stay at home” time. To purchase a Take Home Art Kit for you or your family, visit: and unleash something new from your personal art treasure chest.

Not sure you’re ready to immerse yourself into art yet? Then dip your toe into the art-buying arena by purchasing a $5.00 original piece of stamped pottery from McKinney’s new museum amenity, the ART O MAT. Funded in part by the McKinney Community Development Corporation, the ART O MAT is a converted cigarette machine that dispenses original art from all over the world. Located in the Heard-Craig Center Carriage House, the machine houses a full portfolio of original art for collectors. Visit at:

Prefer to be surprised and delve into new ventures in art? Then register for a June or July “Alternate Firing Workshop” with Magda. These workshops will uncover cool art techniques such as “Raku with horsehair” and “fuming with chlorides, saggar, obvara, and crackle.”

No matter which pottery or art option you choose, McKinney will always have something to capture your interest. Come downtown and see us.

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