Crystals on her Glaze

The Sumerians used crystals in magic formulas. The Chinese used them in medicine. The Egyptians used crystals in jewelry. New Mexico Artist Collin Lynch uses them to create visually stunning crystal mugs ( and McKinney Artist Sona Knox (Instagram: Sona.Knox) uses them along with abstract painting to create interesting pottery. Inspiration for both artists comes from how they view and interpret "truth".

Shown Above: Collin Lynch's Aura Pink Tourmaline Mug on Etsy

The journey into art and crystals began for Artist Knox with the earning of a teaching certificate in Art and PE from Texas Women’s University. Thereafter, Sona joined an Artists Way Group which encouraged the development of creativity through journaling, artist dates, walking and affirmations. Believing in the affirmation “I am willing to be of service through my creativity”, Knox went on to be of service by founding the McKinney Art House. Through her efforts, she built a community of fourteen teachers and 200 students - - then in 2018 she sold the Art House to the Shastry Family, moved into a 100-year old Craftsman home, and opened a studio in her new backyard.

Sona Knox Pottery, 2020, McKinney

Once in her new studio, Sona realized that her life’s calling was to create beautiful vessels. Her handmade pottery is unique because she combines clays and glazes with sculptures, found objects, chains, pendants, and crystals. Her latest works are prayer jars (shown below)

(Above) Prayer Vessels created by Artist, Sona Knox. 2020

Assisting friends and clients to honor their pets, Sona is entering the new, exciting world of making “custom pet vessels”. The pet vessels are fired porcelain clay layered with a Raku glaze and, if wanted by the client, can contain a whole host of semi-precious crystals. Shown below are several unglazed vessels with pet sculptures, primed and ready for a glaze/crystal embellishment process.

(Above) Sona Knox unglazed PET VESSELS with Sculptures 2020

The healing power of crystals takes different forms for different folks. If you are interested in a custom piece with healing crystals, contact Sona Knox at She can also be reached on Facebook at: Sona Knox. And for more sparking artwork, watch for the Heard-Craig Center for the Art's “Brilliance of Geodes” exhibit, part of its Smithsonian affiliation.

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