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Keith Richards Rocked the Heard-Craig Center

A year ago, when the weather was great and we were all outdoors instead of harboring indoors on quarantine, the Heard-Craig Center hosted McKinney's 4th ART MEETS FLORAL event. Set in the beautiful historic landmark art museum, the show paired fine art with masterfully-designed florals that interpreted the art. Last year's PEOPLE's CHOICE AWARD went to the dynamic combination of Nancy Alexander's paintings (The Keith Richards Series) and Lourdes Corral's (Edwards Floral Design) massive guitar orchid floral. Hundreds of people came downtown McKinney to see the beautiful fine art from local artists and to see the floral designs from regional favorites like: Catherine Daniels, Amy Choi, Maryam Shokri, Linda Kingsley, Lola Newell, Kate Keating, Maggie Rennels, Cathy Davis Fine Art, Market Street-McKinney, Janine Crum, and, of course, the McKinney Garden Club.

We hope to reschedule this event for the Fall of 2020 and we invite you to come back downtown and see what these creative geniuses do to rock your stereotype of florals! 972-569-6909

The Heard-Craig Center.

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