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Six years ago, before everything in the world turned “virtual”, Paige Dashner Long (an international contrabass flute specialist with the Kansas State University School of Music) created a virtual flute choir and arranged a truly interesting and beautiful filming of Peter Martin’s “Mixing the Malt”. ( The film alone is worth a few minutes to watch.

In McKinney, we are blessed to have a similar group of talented musicians who call themselves the McKinney Flute Choir. Under the direction of Veronica Mascaro, the ensemble has performed throughout the North Texas area. In addition to playing for performing arts centers, churches, hospitals, and fundraisers, the group has played at the State Fair of Texas and at the George Bush Presidential Library.

From Left to Right: Mary Beth Berry, Marsha Hope, Mark Wilson, Marilyn Lutz, Barbara Kelly, and Veronica Mascaro.

The McKinney Flute Choir performs a wide range of music from classical to traditional jazz and more. The Choir’s rendition of “America The Beautiful” is lovely (

as is the group’s performance of four Japanese Folk Songs (

The ensemble includes several different instruments from the flute family (piccolo, C Flute, Alto Flute, and Bass Flute). The Alto Flute requires the most breathing support of all.

If you’re not familiar with the wide range of Flute Choir music in the world, we’ve pulled a short sample of the different types of music one might hear from a Flute Choir:

For a snappy, upbeat tune by The Dizzy Fingers Flute Choir, click here: (

Prefer classical music? Then the Teheran Flute Choir’s performance of Handel’s Passacaglia is for you: (

Homeschooling your little ones? Then have them listen to 11-year old Clair as she performs a whole series of flute parts to the song "Under the Sea", from the movie, The Little Mermaid. (

And for those who wish for something a little more contemporary that one can “sing along with”, then the OCC Flute Choir’s rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” is for you.

Flute enthusiasts can hear more at DFW/Denton area events such as FLOOT FIRE (the Claire Johnson Flute Soloist Competition) ( at downtown Mckinney events in the McKinney Performing Arts Center or in the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts. Watch for details in the Events section of

For more information on the McKinney Flute Choir, visit their website ( or visit their You Tube Channel (

If you would like to book the Flute Choir for one of your events, contact Marsha Hope, McKinney Flute Choir, at Enjoy.

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