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Never Too Old to Make a Right Angle Turn

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A Google search of career changes boasts that Actor Harrison Ford was a carpenter (building sets for Director George Lucas) before he had his very first screen test. Fashion Designer Vera Wang was a figure skater. Author John Grisham not only practiced law, but served on the Mississippi House of Representatives. And Chef Julia Child worked in secret intelligence before writing her famous cookbook at age 50. So hearing local artist, Sheliah Lonian’s transition of moving from a medical management career into an art career became another great example of someone making that right angle turn.....creating one's own opportunity to write a sequel to one's already-in-progress life story.

Though most people turn their life ship a little at a time, Sheliah made her right angle turn over the course of one weekend. She left her medical job on a Friday and the next Monday, was a full-time artist, taking drawing classes with Instructor Linda Lucas Hardy ( “She is the very best beginner colored pencil teacher with which you can study,” notes Sheliah. “A lot of what I am able to accomplish is credited to her wonderful teaching methods.”

As a child in Rockwood, Tennessee, Sheliah had visions of an art career. Her early drawings were on a chalkboard on her front porch. With aspirations of winning a trip to Disneyland (, she meticulously drew the “pop right popcorn man” for a contest. Although she did not win the trip, she did come in first place in her 6-year old division which is quite an accomplishment for such a young lady.

Today, Sheliah is part of a group of talented, well-respected artists called “The Tuesday Girls”. The group gets together weekly and the members have become an extended family to Sheliah. The group is the family that she envelops with her own crew of husband, 2 boys, 5 girls, and one granddaughter. Sheliah and her Tuesday Girl family spend many hours per week on art commissions, art fulfillment, and art connections.

Portrait by Sheliah Lonian

When asked about her favorite art mediums, Sheliah highlights watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil. She especially enjoys the week-long classes in Springfield, MO learning from artist Linda Wise (

Was it worth a right angle turn? "Art completes my life. I am definitely happier and much more fulfilled."

Sheliah is available for pet portrait commissions (her favorite art endeavor) and can be reached at Sheliah Lonian, or You can also find her in person on Tuesday's at the Tuesday Girls meeting at the Allen Senior Rec Center (

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