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Signature Member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society

Being able to study under nationally-renowned artists like Gerald Brommer, Steven Quiller, Jane Jones, Bob Burredge, Mark Mehaffey, and Marie Renfro was both a joyful and tranquil experience, noted artist Radha Chatterjeee. "Making art is a sort of catharsis. I try to keep the pigments fresh, but simultaneously experiment with value and composition."

Interested in art at an early age, Radha gravitated into graphic design which capitalizes on the process of reducing and simplifying forms. She began creating more imaginative paintings using watercolors, oils, acrylics, and mixed media. Her colorful graphic designs also grace ceramic pieces and, most recently, silk painting.

In 2001, Radha founded an art school which today, boasts many students (of all skill levels) who attend to learn her non-objective abstract art form. Under her tutelage, several of her students have won awards and experienced their own successes (One of them, shown below, won at the Texas State Fair for the beautiful blue abstract.

A signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society, Ms. Chatterjee was also Past Vice President and Membership Chair. Awarded distinctions from the Richardson Civic Art Society, the Plano Art Association, the Texas Visual Art Association, the Associated Creative Artists, and the Irving Art Association, Radha lives her belief that "Art is a window to harmony and color".

Ms. Chatterjee can be found sharing her art at the Art Club of McKinney meetings. For more information on the Art Club meetings or on Ms. Chatterjee's art school, contact the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts at 972-569-6909.

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