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The Changing Nature of the Quarantine Room

For 50 years, the Heard-Craig Historic Home Museum Tours have featured "The Quarantine Room" - a room in the back of the house used to separate ill family members from not-ill family members. During the tours, school-age children have listened to the stories of the Heard Family and the Craig Family, their unfortunate illnesses, and their resolve and strength to overcome those illnesses so that the families could continue their lifelong mission of philanthropy.

Over the years, the Quarantine Room has evolved. It used to be, according to Wikipedia, that "quarantine" was an isolation from those who were confirmed to have a communicable illness. Today, with the C-virus, quarantine has come to mean isolation from those who are confirmed with the virus, those who might or might not have the virus, and those who don't have the virus.

Kathryn Heard-Craig believed that it was important for "future generations" to understand important things about the past. The changing nature of "quarantine" will one of those things.

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