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The Only Way for Women to Financially Make It

"As a kid, I remember my dad saying that the only way for women to financially make it was to become a secretary," says 30-year- financially-independent-artist, Kim Guthrie. "My dad's words motivated me to prove him wrong."

As many artists have to find motivation to start a project, Kim's motivation stems partly from her father's comment, partly from giving herself new themes and mediums, partly from creating deadlines, and partly from just feeling happiest when she's close to her creator and her true self. In short, she's an artist with very honest business practices who resides in an unconventional downtown McKinney Gallery close to the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts (#SchonEverywhere) and close to the McKinney Visitor's Bureau (#McKinneyTX)

(Photo courtesy of Michael Murphy)

Guthrie's artist motto is: "Whimsical Art for the Young At Heart". She says that it's the thread that runs through her multiple styles, whether realism or impressionism. Mainly a painter, she uses bright colors and an array of palette knives to move the buttery paint in organic strokes. Her love of texture spills over to the 3D sculptures and paintings she creates using vintage finds and paper mache.

Art collectors can see more of Kim's work on her You Tube channel at:

Visitors to our fantastic Historic Square can also view Kim's work during McKinney's ART MEETS FLORAL event at the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts, slated for September, 2020.

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